Tamrock 1500

Pantera 1500 is a hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin and a rod changer. It drills 89 - 140 mm (3 1/2" - 5 1/2") vertical, inclined or horizontal holes with 51 and 60 mm (2" and 2 3/8”) extension rods or 102 -152 mm (4" - 6") vertical, inclined or horizontal holes with 76 and 87 mm (3" and 3 1/2") tubes. Good results in difficult ground conditions are obtained by using pilot tube drilling, where the first rod is replaced by a 76 or 87 mm (3" or 3 1/2") special tube, for hydraulic pumps (two variable displacement pumps) and flushing air compressor. All panel sections can be opened for easy access to service spots. Power pack is mounted crosswise at the rear of the rig to balance the weight of the boom and the feed. Pantera 1500 has an ergonomic and roomy full vision cabin to increase operator's comfort and efficiency.
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